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Rental Time....

We are happy to provide you a quote for any duration you desire, most typically 4 hours, 24 hours, weekly or 4 weeks... of course you will be charged for the time you have the equipment so work smart and plan wisely!  The pricing you will find on this website is generally for a 24 hour period.


Payment Terms....

The balance of your payment is due prior to delivery or upon pick-up at either location. All charges are for time out, whether the product is used or not. We accept cash, MasterCard or Visa credit cards, and local checks with a valid driver's license.  We offer house accounts for contractors that desire the convenience of monthly statements...ask at any counter for an application!


Damage Waiver.... not an insurance policy!!

In fact, the damage waiver is an extended protection plan for you or your company, to save money on possible damages that may occur during the time you have the equipment on rent.  This optional coverage is intended to alleviate unexpected expenses pertaining to the rental equipment.  The damage waiver fee of 10% is an option available to all renters, protecting the renter from liability for accidental damage to rental product. Excluded from this waiver is intentional damage and misuse or lost or damaged items due to theft or mysterious disappearance. All damaged/broken items must be returned!  Glass and tire damage are NOT covered.



Available on any size order, our deliveries are tailgate only. Delivery charges are based on zip codes and the size of the truck required.  We have a driver available when you need the tool.  You can count on us.


Equipment Use....

Instructions will be provided for all equipment rented. Feel free to come to our store and we will review the safe operation of the tool you will be getting.  We can give you real peace of mind.  Please be sure to inspect all equipment upon pick up or upon delivery.


Environmental Fee...

In order to meet the equipment needs of our customers, Durants LLC. and A to Z Rentals handles potentially hazardous materials like fuel, oil, cleaners and batteries every day.  Making sure those materials do not harm the environment is an important part of our continued efforts to be responsible members of our community.  Proper management of these materials and their waste by-products is expensive, but we are committed to protecting the environment.  As a result, Durants and A to Z Rentals spends extensively on an annual basis on good practice solutions to prevent impacts to our environment and maintaining compliance with Federal, State, and local regulations.

The environment fee is not a government mandated tax or fee.  The environmental fee is our fee designed to offset a wide range of environmental expenses, both direct and indirect, which Durants LLC. and A to Z Rentals incurs annually. This fee is added to each piece of rental equipment identified as having a potential for environmental impact.

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